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If a thirst trap was in a soap then this would be the one. This yoni soap not only has an irresistable fragrance and feel afterwards but also fights bacteria vaginosis. Did we mention that reoccuring yeast infections doesn't stand a chance against this yoni soap. We made this into a massage bar to massage your lady parts to perfection. You don't have to take our word for it. This is one yoni soap that's in high demand and the go to soap on baecations. Purchase yours today! 

Love Spell Yoni Soap Massage Bar

  • Ingredients:

    Goats Milk Soap

    Vitamin E

    ACV with the Mother

    Essential Oils

    Fragrance Oil

    Soap Coloring


    This soap can be purchased by the bar or in wholesale amounts. All sales are final. Please contact us via email if you want a customized bulk order amount at



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