Mother's Day Special

Why wait to honor your mom???

  • 1 hour
  • 55 US dollars
  • The Treasure Garden|Location 1

Service Description

This service includes 2 ionic foot detoxes for you and mom! Oh yes sons can book this service to celebrate with mom too. See you guys at The Treasure Garden. Benefits of an Ionic Foot Detox: 1. MORE EFFICIENT WEIGHT LOSS An ionic foot bath will allow impurities like fat to leave your body. ​ In addition, ionic detox boosts your metabolism, improves your ability to burn fat, and decreases cellulite. As a result, you’ll have a better time losing weight if you’ve been struggling for a while. ​ ​2. RELIEF FROM PAIN​ If you’re looking for alternative ways to alleviate your pain, but don’t want to put toxins in your body, then an ionic foot bath may be ideal for you. Instead of putting in toxins, you’ll be drawing them out of your body. Also, you’ll have the added benefit of relief from chronic pain. ​3. HELP WITH INFLAMMATION Often, with pain, you’ll also have inflammation, such as with conditions like arthritis, edema, or gout. Ionic foot baths help your body to decrease inflammation, which in turn decreases pain from these conditions. ​4. A BETTER IMMUNE SYSTEM With ionic detox, you can improve your immune system so you can fight off germs and stay healthy. It can improve your lymphatic circulation, which in turn, boosts your body’s natural immune response. ​ ​5. IMPROVE YOUR BODY’S NATURAL DETOXIFYING ABILITIES The human body is amazing! It can detoxify all on its own. Of course, it needs help from time to time, which is what ionic detox can do. ​6. GET RID OF HEAVY METALS IN YOUR BODY While it’s true our bodies need certain metals (like zinc and iron), over time, your body may accumulate too many metals. In extreme cases, you may get heavy metal poisoning, which can make you feel seriously ill. Ionic foot detoxes helps oxygenate your blood, which helps to keep your body’s detox capabilities in tip top shape. ​7. YOU’LL FEEL MORE RELAXED When your body is in equilibrium and toxins are removed, naturally, it’ll have a positive effect on your mental health as well. You’ll find that your stress levels will decrease and it’ll have a calming and relaxing effect. 8. YOU’LL HAVE MORE ENERGY Without all those toxins weighing your body down, ionic detox will clear your mind and give you more energy. This can be true just after one session! ​ This can have a positive overall effect on your life.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule please contact us at least 24 hours in advance. No call and no show up to an appointment will result in loss of scheduled appointment and payment. Please make sure you email us or call us at least 72 hours in advance for parties of 4 or more. We value our customers and want to serve as many people as we can in a timely and professional manner, therefore we rely on our customers to book with us and keep us updated if there are cancellations so that we can go to the next group on the waitlist.

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  • 60 Groce Road, Lyman, SC 29365, USA